Setup environment to use Automation Anywhere A360 Community Edition

Hi welcome to another post of Codehunters. 

In this short post we will set up an environment to use Automation Anywhere A360 and we’ll create our First BOT.

So let’s Begin. 

Open any web browser,I will suggest Chrome navigate to URL 

And Fill this form. And accept the terms and conditions. Once filled click on Get Free Community Edition. 

After a while you will receive an email in your Inbox like this.

Click on the Control Room URL and use the login details to login to control room, on your first login you will need to change your default password that you had received on your email.

Once the new password is set use this information to login and you will be logged into the Automation Anywhere A360 Control Room, which should look like this.

Here on the Left side you have the main menu.

The first thing we need to do is to Register  this device so go to the Manage menu and click on the Devices Option on top right corner

Here click on the Connect Local Machine Icon and then click on Connect to My Computer, It will download the BOT Agent. Once it is Downloaded click on it to Install it.

Installation is the straight forward process just click next next and use default settings while installation. It will also install a Chrome Extension and will ask to enable the same and click Done.

Once installation is completed you will see your machine’s details here. 

You can see that the current status is configuring. After Couple of Seconds it will be connected.

Now Our Machine is connected we can now create a BOT. To Create a BOT Click on Automation and click on this Create Bot Icon.

Type the BOT Name, I will Type FirstBot Choose Folder I will keep in the BOTs Folder Only and click on Create and Edit BOT

Once BOt is created you will be presented with the Workspace, You will be creating your bots here only no other tool is required. Here you have three options Flow, List and Dual, Dual will show both your Flow and List Side by Side.

I will use the dual view and for this bot I want to show a Message Box So search for the Message Box in Actions tab and drag and drop in between Start and Stop and this is the property panel, In the Window Title I will Type A360 Community and in the message to Display I will type Welcome to Automation Anywhere A360 and then click Save.

The Bot is now created I will click on run icon on the top and It will deploy the bot on my PC and will run it from there. The message box will be displayed by the bot like below. Click Close.

And in the Control Room you will see a popup which says bot has run successfully like below.

So this is how we can set up an environment For Automation Anywhere A360 for community Edition.

Hope this helps and I will see you in the next post till then Code with Confidence..

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