Magento2 PWA Option Compilation

Progressive web app (PWA), is the latest browser feature that allows anyone to use web sites as native mobile or desktop apps. It is not a Magento feature. You don’t need expensive redesign to use PWA.

PWA is simply a website acting as a mobile app. Unlike mobile apps, they don’t have to be downloaded from an app store.

With PWAs, users can get app-like experiences they save to their home screens, with lightning speed and mobile-first design without needing to actually build an app for both iOS and Android.

PWAs allow for modern web capabilities, including background sync, offline browsing, barcode scanning, and even push notifications.

So we have compiled some available option for you, Please have a look below.

Magento PWA Studio

The Magento PWA Studio project is a set of developer tools that allow for the development, deployment, and maintenance of a PWA storefront on top of Magento 2.3 and above. It uses modern tools and libraries to create a build system and framework that adheres to the Magento principle of extensibility.

Magento PWA Studio is an official way of implementing PWA in magento2, but there are some other ways to implement PWA or the Storefront instead of default Magento frontend.


This PWA Module can be installed in any existing Magento instance and also it has Hyva theme inbuilt, The setup instruction are easy and you can setup Magento2PWA in couple of minutes.


Vue Storefront is trying to solves the Magento frontend shopping experience with the following solution:

Rendering of frontend store is ultrafast with this PWA approach, It can render the catalog of products within couple of milliseconds.

It also help traffic overloads on the store.

It has inbuilt offline shopping capabilities. Very smooth and native mobile app experience

One code and multiple platform like (Browser, Android, iOS etc.)

Development or modification of storefront is very easy and fast without architecture limitations.


ScandiPWA is the fastest way to get ready-to-use PWA for any Magento store

The next-generation front-end for Magento 2. Fast. Reliable. Extensible.

ScandiPWA is a Single Page Application theme for Magento 2. It is developed as a Progressive Web App that out-of-the-box brings new opportunities and technologies.
In this section, you will learn about PWA specific features introduced in the ScandiPWA theme


Progressive Web Apps by SimiCart is a great tool to turn your Magento mobile website into an app. By embracing all the strengths of website and app, SimiCart Progressive Web Apps (PWA) combine the best of both worlds:

  • Delivering up to 3x faster experience
  • Work across all browsers & devices
  • Offline mode
  • Add icon to home screen

What makes our PWA stands out from other PWA providers is the ability to inherit almost all of our native mobile app features.

SimiCart PWA Features:

  • Generic Features: Support all product types, Inventory management, Product image gallery, Product filter + sorting
  • Localization: Multi-language, multi-currency, Multi-storeview, Right-to-left languages
  • App Design: 3 flexible themes
  • App Promotion & Customer Engagement: App Coupon, Product Label, Reward Points, Store Locator, Wishlist
  • Engage mobile users to offline stores: Product Review, Product Video, Barcode/QR Code Scanner, Voice Search
  • Product Checkout Management: Instant Purchase, Address Autofill, Checkout Information Management
  • Communication and Social: Push Notification, Social Share, Instant Contact
  • Analytics: Google Analytics, Mixpanel
  • Payments: Bank Transfer, COD, Credit Card, CCAvenue, PayU India, PayU International, Klarna,, iDeal, ePay, Payfort, Veritrans, PayUMoney, Mellat, Alipay

Experiencing sluggish growth? Struggling in getting more sales? That’s when you should think about SimiCart.

Hope you enjoy reading, Thanks.

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